The Crazy Waiter Show

videoThe Crazy waiter show is an entertainment comedy suitable for weddings and ceremonies in general. The character first shows up as a “fake” waiter to end up  with a circus comic show (cabaret, clown and circus). The fake waiter is a full-fledged waiter, dressed like all the other “colleagues” in the restaurant, but a little dumb and careless, let’s say a novice waiter. At first he will look the same as the others, only with a few problems with his job, until the guests realize that there is something strange and that he is not a real waiter. At this point the show begins, generally before the fruit and dessert buffet.

Technical Notes:

Public: all ages

Play time: 40 min

Space requirements: 5m x 5m – flat flooring

Audio: autonomous

Lights: provided by organizer

Set-up time: 30 min
Break-down time: 20 min