“Il Grande Lebuski Show”

video“Il grande Lebuski show” is a comedy-theatre street show that has been played in almost every square in Italy for 10 years.  Il grande lebuski is an eccentric, extravagant and clownesque character that through the circus arts and verbal comedy attract crowds into in his crazy universe.

Laughter spreads contagiously through the crowd while watching a combination of gags and technical skill.  Balance is sought throughout the show, whether its hand stands on top of a fly case, a 2 meter unicycle, or on a 30 cm minibike.  The show finishes with il grande lebuski balanced on a 2 meter high unicycle, while a jugglig club balances on his nose and somehow at the same time he juggles 3 flaming torches.

A comic performance that parodies man and his behavior,  enticing the audience  to embrace the clown inside us all.

Technical Notes:

Public: all ages

Play time: 20 – 45min

Space requirements: 5 x 4m

Audio: autonomous

Lights: provided by organizer

Set-up time: 15 min
Break-down time: 10 min