In the summer of 2002, Gianluca met the company “Carovana del Circo Immaginario”  and began performing in squares around italy and taking  various  clown workshops.

His passion for theatre and circus brought him to mexico, where he taught juggling and body expression in a school for children who suffer from Down’s Syndrome.  At the same time Gianluca trained in the arts of juggling, balancing, aerial disciplines at the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City.

In 2004, he returned to Italy and entered Atelier Teatro Fisico di Philip Radice (Lecoq method) Turin, where he graduated in 2007 from PAUT where he studied theatre, dance, music, voice, mime, pantomime, clown, buffoon, commedia dell’arte, scenic fighting, acrobatics, and circus arts (FLIC).

Also, Gianluca participated in workshops with Bruno Nataloni and Domenico Lannutti (comedy writing) Andrè  Casaca (clown)  Rital Brocante (circus theatre), Claude Victoria (handstands)…

During his studies he wrote and starred in his one-man-show “Il Grande Lebuski Show” and “Disequilibri Musicali” with the company Stranivari.

In 2008 he worked with the company “Cirko Demente” in Mexico and Central America and he appeared in “Dream to Fly” by Cirque du Soleil.  In 2009 he taught  at “the little circus school of the sun” for Ambra Orfei.

In 2010 Gianluca participated in his first expedition with the Giullari senza frontiere” in Ethiopia and he participates in the finals of the competition “Martelive” finishing in second place; in 2011 began his experience as host of variety shows and cabaret. In 2012 he won the Critics’ Prize and the Audience Award at the Festival “Strabilandia” Bellizzi (SA) and in 2018 he won the same prize at the festival “Mini Art Fest” of Sofia – Bulgaria. In 2019 he created his new solo show , “BikeMan” a show of theater and circus clown.

He has been performing since 2006 and has done so in such varied places as Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, USA, Ethiopia, Qatar among others, as an clown, comedian and street performer. He has had great success in a number of Italian (Mercanzia, Veregra, Ratataplan, etc…) as well as Intenational Festivals (Ascona, Play For All Children Festival – Kosovo, Spancirfest Festival – Croatia, Dreams on Ice – Qatar, etc…).

Since 2015 he has been the artistic director of “Circonauta”, an international circus theater and street art festival held in Nardò (Italy).