Vita a pedali

videoA rickshaw, strange bicycles, monocycles and a clown, and a cycle repairer who goes from place to place with his very strange cry: “Mobile bike repair shop”.


A clown show that is both circus and theatre, in which Svalvolo who loves every kind of bike goes round the world with a rickshaw, goes shopping with a mini-bike, goes out in the evening with a penny farthing, and trains with the monocycle.

Between the objects that come to life and the bicycle parts that become something else, Svalvolo amuses himself by juggling with wheels, hubs and saddles.  He will take on unexpected trials with his bikes and compose bits of music with bells and horns.

His craze for ringing bicycle bells and playing with the bicycles will accompany the audience throughout the show.

Technical Notes:

Public: all ages

Play time:
street: 40 min
stage: 60 min

Space requirements: 6 x 5 x 4m

Audio: autonomous

Lights: provided by organizer

Set-up time: 30 min
Break-down time: 15/20 min